Pocket Sports Baseball – Americas Favorite Pastime


Hey there sports fans, and welcome to the final edition of A Roll of The Dice reviews with me, Adam! That’s right, this will be my goodbye game, as I have moved onto amazing things thanks to the lovely people at The Comic Hunter (Moncton) and The Meeple Mechanic (For more board game reviews), but also The Comic Hunter and Impulse Gamer (For comic reviews). I hate having to make the decision to say goodbye, but I need to make sure I am the best reviewer I can be, which involves working my tail off for the three companies who believed in me enough to give me a shot!

That all being said, holy mans. Our final review will be of Pocket Sports Baseball. We have done other reviews for their Football (Soccer) and Basketball games, so I am very familiar with this company and their games. I knew what to expect out of the game, but what I didn’t expect is what surprised me the most.

The game is a dice rolling game, in which you will be playing baseball. Wait, but how is that even possible. It makes no sense, and you are scaring us! Well, fear not. Not only is it possible, but it is really a good interpretation of chance probabilities, mixed with good game play. Let’s walk through a brief overview of how to play.


Pitching – So of course, as with any game of baseball, you need to pitch to the batter. The pitching die gives you a 1/6 chance of nailing a strike, a 1/6 chance of getting a ball, and a 4/6 chance of getting different type of pitch, which requires the batter to try and hit it. The pitcher is the red die.

Batting – There are two separate dice used for batting. You can either aim for the infield (for a base or two, but easier to get the hit) or you can swing for the fences, nailing a home run (harder to hit, easier to get an out). The two batting dice are Orange (Infield) and Blue (Outfield).

Fielding – Next you have a chance to try and field the hits that do not go straight out of the park. You do this by the pitcher rolling the infield and outfield defense dice. Catches, throws, errors, and more are on the dice. Green for an outfield and brown for an infield fielding option.

There are other rules as well for stealing bases, power plays, and whether you are safe or out. You’ll need to pick it up to get all the rules, but it makes the game play interesting.

There you have it, now lets get into the real meat and potatoes, the thoughts behind the game.



The game has the same design aspects of their whole line, which is fun and easy to learn. They always have a few extra rules for those of us who would be hardcore gamers, but keep it light so you can pick it up anytime.

The extremely portable game design is always catchy with me, because it takes up no room in travelling. I can pack it as a just in case, and pull it out on the train, car, plane, or hotel room once I get there. Not to mention the dice case it comes in is well designed, and very durable. It is a game that is meant to survive the elements.

My only qualm is that I really didn’t have any qualms. I tried, I really did, to find a design flaw. There was none to be found, and for that I was impressed.


As with any dice game, there is a big hit of random with each roll, which can easily change everything you’ve done so far. This game does have a lot of options for rolling, for hitting, for catching, etc. so it is a clean mixture with multiple dynamics. There is literally thousands of ways the game can go, all with nothing more than seven dice. Add in the fact that the game is ultra portable, and you get a game that is simple to pull out anywhere you are for a play.



Comparing this one to the others, I do want to say it has the most potential. It has a lot of game dynamics that make sense, and does give you the feeling of playing baseball. However, my only real issue with the game is that there is actually too much rolling on every turn. If you are following standard baseball rules (9 innings) as we did, it turns from a quick and simple game, into one that takes up most of your board game day (almost 2 hours when we played) and the score was absolutely ridiculous. It was somewhere around 27 to 18 by the end, which is nothing like baseball.

Overall though, I was impressed with the game. Combine that with the cool case, the rocking dice, and the awesome creator, and this one is really easy to give our seal of approval for!

Head on over to their website and order all of their awesome variants. Also, coming soon : HOCKEY! The whole nation of Canada is weeping with joy.


Well ladies and gentlemen, it has been a wild ride, and super fun. Please feel free to follow my other works at :





Stay Tuned, game fans, and may the Dice roll ever in your favor.


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