How Many Points Can You Score? – Pocket Sports Basketball

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Welcome back to another edition of A Roll of the Dice. This week we are going over a game which really does get decided by the Luck of the Dice. A few weeks ago, we did a review on Pocket Sports Football (Soccer) and it did well, so why don’t we see how this one stacks up!

In this version, you are playing Basketball, so the point is to outscore your opponent, and okay defence when needed. By rolling the dice, you will attempt to take shots, lay-ups, and slam dunks. Even though it is with dice, it is still fun to Jam the ball down on your opponent.


The game revolves around the use of 8 multicolored dice which do the following :

Green – Small Forward, Orange – Shooting Guard, Yellow – Center, Red – Point Guard, Blue – Power Forward, Black – Scoring Level, White – Referee, and Brown – Defence.

Using these dice each team takes turns trying to score as many points as they can. You use the offensive dice to pass, shoot, and do some super moves to get that ball into the basket. Along the way the defense will be trying to stop you, but it is your job to score anyways.

There is rules for passing, dribbling, shooting, fouls, free throws, and stealing just to name a few of them, so it is a majorly dynamic way to try and play Basketball. Let’s take a minute and see what we thought of the game.


This does have a slightly lower rating than the last game, even though it is the same style of game. The dice are made with the same design, and look really good. They work to play the game, and are actually even better than the dice with the Football set as they make a lot of sense with the sport. The bag is really nice, and can be used for so many things, and the rules are fairly good as well.

The reason for the slightly lower score, is while the game itself has the same dynamics, it is a bit more difficult to play. The scoring itself just doesn’t feel as immersive as it did when playing the football game. Still has a good design though.


As with most dice game, this one has a ton of replay value. That is because the different styles you can play, and the fact that you can shorten or lengthen a game to meet your standards. This truly is a game that can completely change based on the roll you get. The dice will make or break you, but they are still fun to play with and the game itself changes a lot.

It brings true meaning to A Roll of The Dice!


With our new rating scheme, this is a decent game which will be played again on our travels. It is not one that will be in my regular rotation for board game days, but is a good game to bring with me in a pinch. I would have to say that half the fun to this game is knowing about the sport. If you are not fully aware of the rules to basketball, than it will not be the easiest thing in the world to understand fully, but the rules do a really great job of breaking it down.

Playing with others is a fun time, I wish you could find a way to make it work in a group, but it is made to be a 1V1 style game, which is one of the main reasons I have to lower the score. With so many 1 on 1 games, you need to be perfect to get high marks. It is definitely worth a play though, so give it a shot and see what you think.


Thanks again for the read, and for the games! If there is any game you want to see reviewed, you should contact us at Until then, I wish you all a lucky Roll of The Dice!


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