Who Will Take Over The Galaxy? – The Earth Wars Saga : Galactic War


Welcome to another edition of A Roll of The Dice, with your loving board game reviewer, me! This time we are going over a game that I wanted to take a chance on, The Earth Wars Saga : Galactic War. I say take a chance because I have not found a single game that involves heavy army selection, and point allowance that I have liked. I am known to not like Warhammer (Sorry, just not a fan) and in so, actually dislike anything that reminds me of it.

That being said, this game still looked really interesting. So why don’t we strap in, sit tight, and see what I really thought of this one, with this game being the first one I have reviewed with my new rating system, and knowing that I am rating this for the group which does include some people who love this type of game.


POSITIVES – The design of the game was very well thought out, with a lot of details included (such as an entire history of the galaxy, and the factions) which is really good to see. It comes with a complete breakdown of the ships and their stats. It is a point based system, so of course you need to spend a lot of time building an army first. There is a lot of strategy as well, which I absolutely love in any game. I prefer strategy over luck. Finally the design of the ships stats is very balanced which is good to see in a game, and is not always present.

NEGATIVES – I am not a fan of the “initiative” system they use in the game. It depends on certain types of ships in your army, and in order to even stand a chance of going first, you pretty much have to include a few types of ships in every army. Also, and while I know this is a saving cost point for people, I absolutely hate using laminated “ships” made out of paper to play the game. Most people in this day and age do not own a 3D printer, so the game itself, when released, should come with a full set of mini’s. It severely takes away from the game to not be there, and I am certain that people will be willing to spend the extra on the finished product.


POSITIVES – The replay value is really good with this type of game. The outcome will not be the same each time you play, and will not include the same armies. Just the mass selection of army choices you have, and added bonuses, means you can play the same game a hundred times, and would be different every one of them. That shows a lot of replay value to me.

NEGATIVES – The mass amounts of choices to build an army means so much time every time you want to do it. You have to go through the process of creating an army, and then revamping it. As a person who is always trying to know everything about a single army, I spent almost four hours just trying to build a start army to try the game out. I guarantee I could have spent almost twenty hours trying to perfect it.


POSITIVES – This game is a fun game to play. I actually did not mind the game play, which is shocking even to me, as it overcame a lot of the doubts I had about these types of games before. I would even go as far as to say the overall feel, and fairness to it, was more fun to me than Warhammer. I liked the design on their site of the ship models, and seeing the 3D printed models. Also the art work itself, while basic, was exactly what was needed in the game. Overall an enjoyable game to play.

NEGATIVES – Building an army, while already mentioning time consuming, is pretty freaking hard to explain to a new player. We always have a few people who are brand new to games, and they had to completely study the book, and still did not fully understand it. Mainly though, there was no feeling that you were a part of the game. It just felt like moving paper around, and to be honest, I am not even sure if minis would fix that aspect.


Now let’s see what the creator had to say!

1) Where did the idea for the game come from?

I had the idea a long time ago, it developed from the novel and evolved from that.

2) What are you top three favourite games? (That you didnt create)

Star Wars: Armada, Victory at Sea, A Call to Arms: Babylon 5.

3) Describe the game in 1 Sentence.

Exciting Star ship combat that can go either way in a matter of a single turn.

4) Where can people get more information OR buy the game?

You can buy the game on Wargame Vault and you can get more information on the extremely primitive and terrible looking web site www.theearthwarssaga.com.

5) Anything else you feel the reader should know?

The game is first and foremost about having fun. If you need to change a rule to make the game work for you then do it. Also you can make suggestions on the facebook site.

Thanks so much for your time guys! Stay tuned, as we still have a few other reviews scheduled to be upcoming!


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