As a new reviewer, I am evolving by checking out a lot of the other reviewers, and noticing that for the most part I am being TOO Canadian. I am only pointing out the good things, and everyone gets a great rating. I am now changing my criteria for a game rating.

Design, Replay Value, and Fun Factor will still be my rating sections BUT I will now be ranking a lot harder than before. This will change the entire rating system from now on, and will make a game that is a decent to play game, closer to a 5 overall, and save the 8-10 range for the games that truly blow me away.

This is something that all people should know before they submit a game to me for reviews, but it also means that we will be adding a yearly Board Game Award to our wall. This will highlight the game that we feel was the very best game we played for the last 12 months, bringing more recognition to it. Any games I have already reviewed are still considered, but will be judged against the other games.

Thanks for sticking with us for this ride, and we appreciate your understanding.


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