Which Faction Should Gain Domination? The Choice Is Yours – Battle For Sularia


As the picture says, “Welcome, Battle Commanders” to another edition of A Roll of The Dice. This time we are going over a Kickstarter game (Which is still live) Battle for Sularia! This game is best described as “a fixed distribution card game that allows you as a player to choose 1 of 4 factions, build a deck, and decimate you opponent.”

The game focuses on faction warfare, and trying to maintain your stranglehold on the world. When pledging to their kickstarter, you will get two pre-constructed decks which are the Jotune Faction (which are the blue based card faction) and the Synthien (red based card faction). There is more factions as well, and a fifth coming out to be a “mercenary” group which will fight for whoever needs them.

Let’s jump in a see how this game ranks against others!


The design of the game itself is amazing. I say this because it is a card game, that they added the ability to turn it into many different types of games. You can play 1V1 with the pre-constructed decks, you can add new cards to the decks to make them larger and more powerful, and finally you can even play a draft style game with as many people as you want (only four with the base set, but buying another base set adds more people) which is a really good concept to include in this gamers opinion.

Next, of course most importantly, is the actual art design of the game. The art is amazing, it is just clean and crisp, and above that, it is extremely detailed. The artist knew what he was doing, and how he was going to get it done. It is not stock art style, as each ship, person, base, everything has its own feel and look. Well done to the designer!



I definitely have to give a high replay value on this one, as there is a lot of available replay with the different game dynamics they’ve added. I do not want to repeat the same thing I said with the design, but being a card game also gives it the “shuffling gives you a new game” style. Not a lot to say, but it was still fun to keep playing multiple times.

I measure a game by playing it five times. If I still enjoy it the fifth time in a row, then I know I will add it to my permanent play list.


This game was exciting, a bit difficult to master, but all in all kept me on my toes. It is a game that with the right cards, you can basically dominate. That being said, I feel like every game has that aspect.

Battle for Sularia does what a lot of card games don’t for me though, it keeps me thinking about what I do well before I do it. I find myself trying to plan moves ahead, even though those plans will be changing with every movement made.


Let’s see what the creators had to say!

1) What inspired you to create this game?

I was inspired by games like Star Craft and Command and Conquer. I absolutely love TCG style games. I like the thought that goes into deck building and the quick play of the game, and that TCG games are relatively easy to set-up and play regardless of gaming group size. I felt like there are a lot of TCG’s on the market and most if not all of them are managed through one resource. RTS games have always required two resources in order to play and I really enjoyed managing those resources in order to succeed. That lead me to how do I create an RTS resource system in a TCG. It helped us develop the Influence and Sularium system you can find in Battle for Sularia®. That wasn’t all, I enjoyed the complexity of Magic, but felt at times it. was relatively simple to play. I also enjoyed the complexity of games like Android: Netrunner, but ultimately felt like Netrunner didn’t play the way I typically like cards games to play. While it was unique in comparison to a Magic, I wanted a game that played similar to Magic, but yet totally different with loads more strategy and thought going on. Finally I was tired of finding “netdecking” to be a real thing in just about every competitive game environment out there. This seemed to be especially true with games like Netrunner. There may be a faction build out there, or maybe a couple, that were considered the “optimal” builds. They would usually have 1 or 2 flex slots in their deck design because other cards were just too good to pass up. This lead me to develop the point based deck construction system. Players in our game have to make real decisions about what cards to keep or play in decks because each card has a point value from 1 – 4. Player’s decks must maintain a minimum of 60 cards, and they cannot exceed a total of 90 points. We call this “60/90” deck construction. We found through testing that the 60/90 diversifies our meta game to allow more deck building options and additional opportunities for players to really explore every card created for our game.

2) what are your top three games (not including your own)

My top three table top games as of right now are:

a.       Boss Monster

b.      Sheriff of Nottingham

c.       Imperial Assault

3) Describe your game in 1 sentence!

Battle for Sularia is a fast paced strategic card game for 2 or more players, where you build your influence, establish your sites, and deploy your combatants to defeat your opponent.

4) Where can people get your game/information about the game?

The best place to find all the information regarding our game is at: www.sularia.com

5) Anything you want the readers to know?

We are currently seeking funding on Kickstarter for our game. The production is complete and we just need this capital to be able to issue a purchase order to our printer to get the final game made. We are a little over 50% at this time and need all the help we can to make our goal. We also love social media and our fans can follow us on Twitter @sulariaBCG or like us on Facebook at facebook.com/battleforsularia.


Thanks for the amazing game guys and gals, and for taking the time out of your busy schedules to let us know some information about it!



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