Pocket Sports – Football (Soccer for us who are not as refined)


Hey there game fans, and welcome to another Roll of the Dice with your game master Adam. This time I am reviewing one of the travel games I have gotten to do, and am really excited to be able to give my thoughts on it. This is one of the three games I have gotten, and will review each one separately. The other two are Baseball and Basketball!

Pocket Sports Football is a dice based game with the rules of Football. The whole goal is to beat your opponent by scoring goals and defending your own net for the time limit. Each position on the field has its own dice, which is a really interesting dynamic, and the dice are really nice, which adds to the gameplay.

Let’s jump into this and see what comes from it!


This game is a dice based game with a little rule book in the bag as well. There isn’t any graphics per se, but on each dice there is a different colour and text to define the different positions on the field. The rule book is clean, crisp, and honestly is just really easy to read (Which I can not say for every rule book I’ve come across).

The highlight feature to me though is the bag that the game is stored in. I absolutely love it, and am excited to use it for other games/DND etc as well as this game. It is the perfect little package to be able to bring along on trips, whether it is a car ride, or a camping trip, it will take no room at all in your luggage. Smart design!


This game does have a lot of replay value, as the game all comes down to luck of the dice. Every roll you make changes the game itself, and I can guarantee you will never play a game that is the same an another. Might have the same score, or the same time limit, but not exactly the same.

There is also the choosing of time limits for the “halves”. We played two 5 minute halves which actually flew by, and ended in a shoot-out. Another couple did two 10 minute halves and it was a complete blow-out. All of us had fun playing though, I would say the shorter halves made it more in depth. The longer started to drag on.


I do find that this is an amazingly fun concept, the only downside I had (and it may just have been luck) is that like in real Football (Soccer) there is not a lot of action. We played a few times, and most games were lucky if there was 1-2 goals scored. Most ended with a 0-0 or 1-0 score.

Now this actually makes the game a bit more accurate, which to major enthusiasts is an amazing thing, but to us just made the game feel like it was dragging on a bit. It is still worth a grab, and definitely worth bringing on a trip with you. Overall it was fun, just a bit slow.


1) Where did the idea for the game come from?
We first made Pocket Cricket with a spin on an old game called Owzthat. It only had 2 dice (rollers) so introducing other dice / positions on the field made it our own fresh spin on a cricket game played with dice. After that, we tackled Aussie Rules which was a different mechanic of moving the ball between positions. Using this, we made the Football version.
All our games have grown from the previous, using similar or new mechanics depending on the sport and how best to translate that into a simple dice game.
2) What are you top three favourite games? (That you didn’t create)
Don’t think I’m weird now…..I don’t play other games! RISK was a game I enjoyed so much, I made a variant with some friends while living in China. I have a theory about not playing other games as it may influence my creative process. I don’t want to replicate or try to over complicate the Pocket Sports method….although the newer games being released in August do have extra additions in the form of cards and cubes!
3) Describe the game in 1 Sentence.
Pocket Sports – little dice games, big sporting moments
4) Where can people get more information OR buy the game?
All info can be found on our website, along with our store.
5) Anything else you feel the reader should know?
The games are light, competitive dice games. No need to stress out over the word ‘strategy’. Dice rolling, luck, tension, some decision making, in your face, fast, fun and furious sports action is what you get!

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