Vengeful Gods Crushing Puny Mortals – MONSTROUS


Welcome to another edition of a Roll of The Dice with your game guru, Adam (me). This week we get to do a review I have been anticipating for awhile. A game that keeps you moving, playing, and competing with your friends. The game of course is Monstrous!

“You are wrathful Greek Gods. The faithless mortals are down there. And you have your monsters…” This is the description you see as soon as you open the rules. It is accurate, it is too the point, and it really describes the game for the most part. It is short, sweet, and a lot of moving is involved.
Why don’t we just jump in, and see what we thought of this game!

First off, the box it came in made me smile, as I love the box design. It is about the size of a standard card/board game, and has an amazingly detailed Cyclops on the cover, which was fun to see their style and see that they had actually reached out on social media to get people like us to help choose the cover. That was genius, as it not only brought more attention to the game, but it gave us all a sense of helping. PLUS it is an amazingly well designed cover!
Next, of course is the cards themselves. I am a huge fan of Greek (as well as others) mythology, so I was pumped to see what they did, and I was not disappointed. Their monsters were well designed, and the art work is really clean. It is one of the better designs I have ever seen, and really made this not feel like a Kickstarter game, and more of a professional game. It brought the game to a level that it should be.
Lastly is the design of the rest of the pieces. Any game that has tokens to punch out is already on my wife’s list of all time favourites. The tokens, rules, and other pieces were all really well designed, so much so that I was watching the cards more than playing. It cost me dearly in our first game…


This game has an amazing ability to keep changing because there is so many combinations that are possible. You control a God (Choice 1), who also controls a group of monsters from which five are eliminated right away (Choice 2). Once you start playing there are cities to choose from (Choice 3), which each have benefits. You need to decide which monsters and cities you are targeting to gain the most favour (Choice 4). All of these choices can be shuffled around, making the game play completely different than most other games. This creates a type of game that really does take a while to grow bored of. We haven’t yet!
My only critique, and probably just because I am a fat guy is that not everyone has a round table to play on. When you are tossing cards from the table edge, it makes the game a bit uneven, but honestly there is no way to fix that without getting a round table.

I was so excited when I first heard about this game, and was literally dancing when I finally got to open it. I was worried that it might let me down, but it didn’t.
The game itself plays on a few different levels, and the most original of them being the card tossing while walking around the table. Yes, you did hear that right. You toss your monsters at the cities from the edge of the table, and HOPE that they land on the right one. Their abilities and points (Favour) will score based on the proper hits. It also adds that you can hurt other Gods by crushing their monsters, or using their points for yourself.
I actually found this part to be great, as it was different than any other game I had played. Refreshing to see that happen.


Let’s see what the creators had to say!

1) What was the reason you created this game?
My earliest memories of gaming fun are in the school playground throwing football cards at rare cards to win them if you hit them. Much later I discovered the joy of CCGs with massive arrays of combinational card powers. Later still I watched my young son try to play pokemon when he was too young to really get it. I thought that thematically pokemon should have been a card throwing game with simple powers.
But I couldn’t find any dexterity game that offered the mix of dexterity and decision making I was after.
At Secret Base Games we have a game design challenge; use unexpected mechanics with more familiar ones to come up with something different. That gave birth to the the idea of mixing combinational CCG style powers with the childlike joy of throwing cards. After 1 brainstorm session and a frenzy of scribbling powers on stickers on magic cards, and a test with my kids, we had the essence of the game in place:
Players are cranky gods!
Cards you throw have powers: Monsters.
Targets you throw at have powers and give victory points: Cities.
The mythic Greek theme was a great fit for this and it all flowed from there.
2) What are your three top games of all time (Not including your own)?
A Game of Thrones: the board game – the ultimate thematic war game that handles 6 players with ease via simultaneous play. I feel like I might be a king every time.
Cyclades – the most beautiful game ever made. Take me there.
No thanks – it allows you to dance inside people brains.
3) Describe the game in one sentence.
Players are wrathful Greek gods who stand around a table hurling monsters down at faithless humans’ cities to score Faith points, trigger monster powers,  and combo them with location powers to mess with the other gods. Restore the most Faith to win.
4) Where can people learn more, or go to buy the game?
Monstrous is currently live on Kickstarter
It will arrive to backers by November.
It may be in retail by Christmas but that’s a long shot.
5) Any last thoughts you want to share?
If you you have any doubts about playing a dexterity game don’t worry. Monstrous has won over many dex game skeptics who agree in reviews that it is the most tactical and strategic and fun dexterity game they have played.
*At the time of this review, they are merely 400$ from funding, with a 97% fund. Plenty of time to hop onto the amazing game train!*

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