Will You Find The Treasures You Seek? – Sultan’s Library


Welcome back to another exciting edition of A Roll of The Dice. This week we have the pleasure of being able to review Sultans Library, as they prepare to relaunch their Kickstarter. This is a really fun game that has a lot of great graphics, and fun rules. It is described as “Sultan’s Library is a 2-4 player card game where players will explore various beautiful location cards, looking for Books to bring back to the Sultan’s Library”.

Why don’t we see what we felt that translated into while we played it.

The artwork is fun, and really does what it should for the game. The individual cards are unique, and the overall style is refreshing. I had a great time with checking out the cards before playing (to learn all of the rules) and while we played it was fun to see each person pick up the cards to study them. It is a very eye catching design for a card game.
The only thing I would recommend (and it may be in the finished version) is to use a bit more of the dead space on certain cards. Just adding a little bit of complexity to designs can really make a difference, but overall, I loved the design. Also the rule book fell short, but that was because we were printing it out ourselves, so we have no idea the design we will see for it.

I should start this one by saying that since we played, there was a few amended rules that were sent our way which actually would make a huge difference. The creators have really been good at keeping us informed as reviewers, and also up to date with all of their changes.
That being said, I did want to play this game more than once, which for me is a great thing. If you can captivate my attention for more than one game, then I am interested.
Like most card games, there is always a lot of replay value, unlike many cards games, it does not get stale. Overall a very enjoyable time both times we played.

I found this game to be extremely fun, and I thought that it had a level of strategy mixed with excitement, which is my favourite style of game play. I thought the game was strong, and was easily one of the better games I have played!
That being said, the newer people who were playing with us were a bit confused for some of the game, and even with guidance felt the rules were a bit clunky. I do not agree, but this is a group review as they always were.
With the updates we were sent, it may have swayed them a bit, and we are going to play again this weekend.

AFTER WEEKEND PLAY – They were a bit more into it, and ranked it a bit higher than originally given.


1) Where did the idea for this game come from?

As I was busy unwinding one night I stumbled onto an episode of Cosmos. In it, Neil Tyson was discussing how, during the middle ages, the middle east was a shining beacon of scientific progress. While the Inquisition in Europe were burning books, various sultans and rulers were sending out envoys far across the globe to gather and bring back knowledge. This idea stuck with me. “What adventures those envoys might have had!” I kept thinking. As usual with ideas like these, it would not leave my head until I had done something with it.

2) What are your top three favourite games of all time?

i) Twilight Imperium ranks by far number one on my games list, although it is more of a way of life than a game!

ii) Mage Knight is another great game that I could spend hours and hours on.

iii) Chaos in the Old World is an amazing strategy game (and I happen to love Warhammer too much).

3) If you had to describe your game in one sentence, what would it be?

An exploration card game, where you play as an Envoy, searching the land for hidden and obscure knowledge!

4) Where can people get a copy/learn more information?



Thank you so much guys for letting us check out your game, I feel like it is going to do well on the re-launch. Make sure you all take a chance and check it out. I can assure you that you will not be wasting your time with this one.



One comment

  1. Ryno Lourens · June 4, 2015

    Thank you so much for your preview! With the way our first day of funding went, I’m sure the campaign will do great. Feel free to check it out here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/369033234/sultans-library-untold-riches-await-within


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