How would you like to live in Feudal Japan? – Oni


Welcome again, to another edition of A Roll of The Dice with me, your gaming reviewer Adam. This week we are reviewing a new card game which is making waves around the world at the moment. Oni is a game I’ve had my eye on for quite some time, and was ecstatic that I was able to try it out for my loyal readers.

Oni would be best described as a “quick party game of memory and deception, every player has an objective to attack and they are mixed with samurai’s forming a circle in the table” ( and I can tell you that is an amazingly accurate description. Oni is a very quick (for the most part) game, which is really fun to play. I am a bit biased, mainly because I am a huge fan of games that make you think, and make you deceive the other players. Any game that allows me to betray my allies at one point or another, is the game for me.

We were lucky enough to get a chance to review this game, so here is what we thought!


I felt it was an amazingly strong design, as I love traditional Japanese style art. It has the right amount of traditional but mixed it in with their own style as well. The cards are well made, and had us keeping an eye on them while we played.

The rules design was all over the place at first, and being the only other design aspect, I thought I would have to rate it lower because of this. I was pleasantly surprised that as I waited to do the review due to site issues, I was sent a revision twice, which made everything a lot more clear. Kudos!


It is a really fun game, and we loved the fact that we could play it two or three times in a row, with no issue. There is always a similarity to each game, as the goals are similar, and there is limited cards involved with this game. I, personally, did not find that this was a bad thing, as I got to play as a few different characters before we were said and done.

The fact that we have picked this game up to play in three separate game days now and have enjoyed it every time we’ve played!


As mentioned before, I was not having a great time when the rules were a bit confusing and muddled, but the developer worked his butt off to get us those rules as clear as day. I respect his ethic, but above that, once we had the final rules, I respect the hell out of this game.

The game itself is super positive, and a great time, just remember these words. “Do not trust anyone in the group, not even yourself!”

1) Where did the idea for this game come from?

The rotation mechanic is based on a traditional game in Argentina called “chancha” where people make a round of cards and give one to another. The rest is just my love for Japanese themes.

Let me expound… Sebastian has done some studying of the Japanese culture. An “Oni” is a “Demon” from Japanese Mythology. He also can speak some Japanese.


2) What are your top three favourite games of all time?

Cosmic Encounter – Agricola – Isla Dorada

3) If you had to describe your game in one sentence, what would it be?

“Oni, twisted and legendary creatures fight each other to see who makes more mischief in a unique competition for gold. Memory and mischief in an exiting original game.”

4) Where can people get a copy/learn more information?

Currently we don’t have games available. We are starting our Kickstarter campaign in just a few weeks. After KS they will be available through Amazon.

Our site will have the ability to purchase direct when we get stock in. Maybe we’ll set up a pre-purchase,but that might be right after KS ends for obvious reasons.

5) Anything else you feel the readers should know? 

I would just like the readers to know this game was released as a Spanish version. So there might be a little “quirkiness” to the rules and text due to translation. We have gone through a few edits and currently have the game at yet another persons office checking it out.

Oni is the first crowd funded game in Argentina, being a great success in the board game community. We are hoping the rest of the world can enjoy Oni as much as people in Argentina does.


All in, this game is really fun, and you should be looking into it. Tune in next time when we will be reviewing The Sultans Library



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