Who runs these streets? Who is the “King of Crime?” – Dan Smith


Welcome to another edition of A Roll of The Dice, I am your reviewer Adam, and this week we are tackling our THIRD Dan Smith game, King of Crime. As usual, he has created a card game to try and win us over into his world. I have to admit, while this one took a little bit of learning, it was actually a wild ride. Why don’t we jump in and find out what we thought. (A small side note, congrats on the kickstarter Dan and we are glad that we helped!)


The game has the same style art we have come to love from Dan, with a great take on Mafia style characters. The men, women, guns, bullets, and cars, all mixed into one giant game of cards. By giant, damn I mean GIANT. This game (with the expansions) is one of the larger card games I have ever played. It is honestly large enough to break it into three small decks to shuffle. This is not a bad thing though, as we get to see so much unique art, and add some of the funniest cards.

This game has given us what we expect from Dan Smith, that is a fun design on a great game.


This game, again like all card games, has a tonne of replay value. Each expansion you add makes that increase by a lot. The game itself has a lot of replay value, just by the simple fact that a roll of the dice (see what I did there?), a new card, or choosing different characters in the start will all change the game. This can cause all sorts of deviations with the overall game play. In my personal opinion, this makes the replay of any game high. Dan is really good at coming up with games that you will want to play more than once, and that is a truly fun game.



I want this rating to be higher, because two of us absolutely loved this game. Myself and Alex really thought the game was fun, interesting, and a good twist on a sometimes overused style of game. Adding dice, Cards, and multiple choices before the game even starts? I loved all of it. My wife, however, was so confused by the rules to start that she wouldn’t even pick it up.

This does tell me that it does take a small amount of the possible player pool out of the equation. This does not translate easy for people who are more new to the gaming scene. For those of us who are more seasoned in learning new games, and getting through a rulebook, it was honestly nothing. For a new player though, I could see how the rules and rule cards came off a bit confusing. If you are willing to spend the time learning it though, I can assure you that it is worth the time.


Thanks again Dan for just being you. Creating great games for people of all levels of gaming. PLEASE people, if you see any game with Dan Smith’s name on it, jump all over it!

Tune in next week when we review Gruff.


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