WITCH – An RPG of Magic, Fun, and Everything in Between

Witches 3

Welcome to A Roll of the Dice reviews. This week we are going over the long awaited review for WITCH. I had hoped to be able to do a live review, with video, but as I am fairly new with that side, we ran into a lot of complications. I learned quickly though, that even a text based review is easy with this game because the game itself speaks volumes.

If you have always tried to look for a game where you have all the flexibility in the world, this is the best one to find. You can turn your magic into anything you want. Fireball? Instead why not use a lightning covered ball of water? Oh wait, you can do both! Let’s jump in and see what the team felt about the game.


Design – N/A (10)

Now the only reason for the N/A design is that it is not a hard copy, and the whole design of the game is inside of your mind based on what the DM decides to provide you with. I will say that the design of the world and character classes is 10/10 though, as it was by far one of the better RPG systems I have ever had the chance to play. We had a blast coming up with new ways to use the same powers that others were using.

I will say having so much freedom does make things a bit harder for the DM (me) though, because when I think I have you backed into a difficult predicament, you come up with nine separate ways to overcome it by changing the spells you are using. Curses, foiled over and over again! It keeps a DM on his toes too though, which is amazing to see as most of the time the DM has everything planned to an almost T.


Replay Value – 8 

As with any RPG there is always a lot of replay value, and this one is no different. We had a fun time, and of course we played the fun quick play they include with the rule book. It was fun, and the journey we took made a lot of choices. Since you can create a whole new world with the thoughts in your head, you can cause the world to do whatever you want it to. That is the entire meaning of a pen and paper RPG, this one just gives you the possibility of creating anything you want. The only downside is that it is very focused on the magic intent that it is a bit harder to create classes that do nothing but focus on close combat damage. I mean, it is the concept of the game though, so I don’t fault that.

Fun Factor – 10

Amazingly fun, all around one of the best times I’ve had playing a pen and paper RPG. It has a fairly basic system, with a good idea for magic usage (getting harder each time you cast) and the lore it builds is just awesome. I have always been a fan of magical style games, so this one is now ranked as one of my favourites to date. Well done!

Let’s see what the creators had to say!

1) Where did the idea for this game come from?

WITCH has been a dream of mine for so long and the idea is really rooted in my childhood. I grew up in love with monster stories and I have always been obsessed with how witches and warlocks have been portrayed in popular media. I love the romance behind their stories. The idea that someone can give themselves to an unknown power in order to gain the ability to use magic fascinates me. Obviously, this has no rooting in reality, aside from some myths that have been passed down in different cultures, but that is why I love it – it is pure fantasy.

2) How long have you had a passion for pen and paper RPGs?

I actually started with form role playing and also role playing over a videogame called Neverwinter Nights (NWN) when I was in high school. NWN was based on D&D 3.5 and so when I heard that you could actually play this game in real life I was over the moon! Since then I have been obsessed with pen and paper rpgs and have never look back.

3) Where can people go to find your games?

The best place is to check out our webstie: angryhamsterpublishing.com. There you can find more information on WITCH and also get updates on the game. I’ve written a few adventures for Wizards of the Coast’s Living Forgotten Realms and you can find them here: http://www.livingforgottenrealms.com/ (just do a search for my last name: Chaipraditkul). I am also currently writing for Changeling the Lost for Onyx path, but that is still to be released.

4) Is there anything you want to make sure the readers/viewers know?

They should not hesitate to contact me if they have any questions or want advice on developing their own game. I love hearing from people so, please get in contact if you have questions :). Also, I just want to thank anyone who has backed our project so far, I am overwhelmed with the response and I can’t believe what a success it has been so far!


So my dear reader, you need to buy into this RPG. It is fun, and a must have for any fan of pen and paper RPGs!

Tune in next week board game fans, and may the dice ever roll on your side.


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