Party (till the cops show up)

I want to start by explaining the game, and rules before we dive into a review. All of my reviews will be formatted like this, but the game itself is rated on three items, each getting a score out of 10. First is the Design (Art, Graphics, Tokens, Etc), second is the Replay Value, and finally is the Fun Factor. All three of these base ideas, will determine what the game will get for an overall score. I feel that they are equally important, as without one of these elements, the game itself will feel a bit incomplete.

Party is a card based game, which will play with anywhere from 2-4 players, so it is made for a smaller group. The great thing about it is that the play time usually ranges from about 10-15 minutes, so you can play quite quickly. We managed five games in under an hour, and each one was fast paced, and a bit dirty (we will get to that). The game starts by taking “The Cops” card out of the deck, shuffle and deal out the cards to each player, and then replace The Cops card into the bottom third of the deck. Once that card is drawn, the game is over and the players tally their points. What are the points? Why they are the people who are attending your party. Of course, it does contain twists and action cards that can really mess up the party you are trying to host, and you can easily flip the entire game with one or two good cards. So this explains the very basic premise, let’s dive in a bit deeper.


So let’s start with the graphics! I have to say the images on each card are crisp, clean, and at times hilarious. The graphics definitely feed to the game, and make it enjoyable to play. From the funny cartoon like characters, to the little tidbits of comedy written on each card. We had a few laughs just reading the cards, but agreed that we wanted to look each card over before we even played them.

The style is very animated, and the text on action cards jumps off the proverbial page. The cards themselves are broken down into a set colour scheme will actually helps to further the game dynamic as well. Red cards mean actions, which usually hurt other parties. You can do things like discard all characters worth one point, or steal a party goer from an opponent. Green Cards are also actions, but they are more geared to your own guests. These would have things like locking your card so it can not be targeted, or doubling your characters points. Characters come in a few colours, based on their type (IE. Celebrity, Acquaintance, Family, Etc). Each type will give you different bonuses, and a lot of the cards have special rules, like the Mad Scientist (usually worth 2 points) will be worth 5 points IF you also have The Robot. Lastly there are greyish cards, which will help you destroy another persons party. These characters give you negative points unless you follow their rule. Things such as an Ex-Girlfriend who will only go away if you sacrifice one of your male party attendees.

Sounds like a lot to take in, but honestly with the rule card, and just jumping into a game, you will pick it up very quickly. We were able to learn the game within five minutes, and all four of us were extremely happy that we were able to.


Adam – 8

Jordan – 7.5

Alex – 8


Now, we move onto the replay value. Of course this game is a card based game so the replay value always exists. I have played very few card games that are not able to be played multiple times with new things coming up. It has been a while since I have picked up a card game that keeps giving you the same amount of fun each time that you play it. The fact that the game is so quick is a great feature because you can slide a game in between other games, or get a chance to pop a game or two even on breaks at work. It is compact so you can easily bring it with you, and easy enough to teach to people.

The game does change each time you play, and there are cards you may need to play a few games before you get the chance to see. Perfect example for us was we learned about two of the characters on our fourth time playing. It just happened that every time we shuffled and put The Cops in, we would be cancelling out the same characters. now of course this is based on luck, but it adds to the game as you are always finding out new and exciting things.

This one is easy to rate for Replay Value, as it was fun the whole time, while being surprising as well.

Replay Value:

Adam – 9

Jordan – 9

Alex – 9


Lastly of course is the Fun Factor. Now for card games, and indie games, there is always a fine line between an amazing game, and one that is just not quite there. This is one of those games that has so many good qualities that it is more on the amazing side. The competitive game play that you get, while laughing at doing it is something I look for. I love a game that you can back stab your wife (as I did a few times) and still laugh about losing next turn.

The game itself plays fast and furious, with cards flying around the table. I love the concept, and know that the game itself is a must play for people. You will never be able to understand the fun of this game if you do not give it a chance yourself. I want to thank Dan for sending me the game to test, and to review. I was really happy at the game dynamics, and the fact that we could all get into the game while staying interested enough to keep coming back to it.

Fun Factor

Adam – 8

Jordan – 8

Alex – 8

So I hope this review helped you in your decision making. I would definitely recommend this game to all of my friends, and to all of my readers. You should keep an eye out for this one. I will release more details about where to get it when it is available.

Overall Score

Adam – 8.5

Jordan – 8

Alex – 8.5

Tune in next time when we review “Eat The Villagers” by Butter Knife Concepts.


One comment

  1. Dan Smith · February 23, 2015

    I am always surprised and humbled when other people like a game I make essentially for me. That other players “get” what I am putting out there, amazes me. 😉 It was the same with Battle of the Bands and King of Crime when I put them out for reviews and then when the were produced. It means more to me that people have come up to me and really let me know how much they liked my game than any money I have made/lost in making it. I do it for me. That you guys liked it made it all worthwhile. I’ll get a kickstarter together later on this year, if anyone is interested in when that will be, follow me on FB and you’ll be in the in crowd at the next “party”.

    Liked by 1 person

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